About Wendy – Professional Wedding Photographer

Qualifications:     I have been a Professional Wedding Photographer since 2001
                                  City & Guilds in Photography I – Distinction
                                  I am also a member of the Digital Wedding Forum (DWF)

How it all began

My fascination with photography started many years ago.  I remember taking my camera along to Gina’s wedding about 20 years ago ( at a very young age I hasten to add ) & caught the “real moments” while the official photographer posed the formal shots. I managed to get some great candid photos & Gina & Bruce were really thrilled. A few years later I shot my first wedding as the “official photographer ” for my good friend Kathy, in sunny Birmingham.

In 1993 I joined Tividale Camera Club in the West Midlands and learned a great deal from a great bunch of guys…….but a few of them did get rather upset when I won the club’s annual portrait competition after only a few months of being a member!

With a change of circumstances and constant encouragement from friends and family l took the plunge and set up my business as a Wedding Photographer, leaving behind a successful career in Accountancy. That was in 1991, just before I found out that John and I were expecting our first baby. Consequently I attended my first wedding being 5 months pregnant and quite huge.

I haven’t looked back since. It’s a fantastic profession, each wedding is totally unique and my constant aim is capture those unmissable moments that will never happen again.

About John – Professional Wedding Photographer

Qualifications:     Professional Wedding Photographer since 2001
                                  City & Guilds in Photography I – Distinction

Born in Leicester a ‘few’ years ago, it was almost inevitable that I would be interested in Photography, with both my Grandfather and Father both keen photographers.

Some of my early memories are of being with my father in the darkroom, developing black and white photographs. Then at the age of 12 I had my first proper camera. A Zenit B with a Pentax K mount ….. OK. Too much tech!

Having an interest in photography for many years, I usually had a camera around me ready to capture that special moment. Took courses to improve the photography, read incessantly, and eventually went to college to learn ‘properly’! Gained a distinction in the City and Guilds course, and was enthused to carry on from there.

The vast majority of my photographs from days gone by are of landscapes – where you have the time to compose the photograph – or of animals, where it has to be now. It was only when I started to take Wedding Photographs that I realised how much that I enjoy photographing people. The combination of the composition and the need to take the photograph when something happens, are all there in every wedding.

It was back in 2001 that Wendy started the photography company, and although we have done some portrait and school shoots, it is the Weddings that we really enjoy.

Many years on, and I still get the thrill of being part of a couples special day.

I also empathise with any Bride or Groom that doesn’t like a camera pointing at them. Point one at me and see me run!

Career wise, I have been involved in IT for many years. Various roles from teaching to Management, and a qualified Project Manager – it helps during a wedding shoot!

People wise, I am the proud father of two intelligent and pretty girls, who can twist me around their little fingers whenever they choose! And of course there is Wendy.